Growing Readers

On Feb. 3rd our Kindergarten through 2nd grade teachers, Mrs. Duncan and Mrs. Holbrook delivered our Growing Readers training to parents. This training provided some tips and strategies on how to read with your child. Below is “cheat sheet” for you to use with your child.

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Chromebooks Are Here!

chromebook 1 chromebook 2

We’re excited for the start of another year here at Murphy and we’re especially excited about the 60 new Chromebooks we were able to purchase through a grant from the Lapeer County Community Foundation and our annual Golf Outing. Here 4th grade students in Mrs. McCreedy’s class uses Chromebooks for the first time. They got their new email addresses, set up their passwords, and learned some basic safety skills.

Fine Arts Night

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Murphy celebrated the fine arts tonight with a combination of an art show and a Dr. Seuss musical performance. Thanks Mrs. Patykowski and Mrs. Kotzian for organizing it and also thank you to everyone who participated and came out to take part.

Grandparents’ Night

photo 1

Hand Poetry


photo 3

The 1st and 2nd grade held the first ever Murphy Grandparents’ Night today. The festivities included a photo room, hand poetry, interviewing your grandparents, crafts, and a terrific dessert display. Thanks to teachers, students, and volunteers for all their hard work and thanks to the grandparents for coming out on this special day.

Red Wing Assembly

Red wing photo

The Detroit Red Wings put on an assembly today at Murphy stressing the importance of staying healthy, fit, and setting goals. No players were able to attend since they are busy in the playoffs, but it was a lot of fun for everyone and students were able to narrowly beat the teachers in the skills competition by a one goal margin.

Recess News

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In recent recess news, the kickball field  got new bases. We’re hoping having actual bases reduces the disagreement on what is fair, foul, or whether anyone is standing on any base at all.

In other news, the soccer players in the K-3 lunch created an impenetrable wall to stop shots. Several goals later, the wall was removed for lack of effectiveness.