Murphy Football Team In Action


Murphy players await coach’s call to enter the game.

When I first started at Murphy, I was told to check out a football game behind the school. I heard it was a big event but I had no idea!  It was great be out there to watch the victory over Lynch 16-12, and the close lost to Chatfield 16-8. The kids played great and the coaches do a terrific job teaching them. I was most impressed with the turnout and support of the families. It was great to see all the cheering and excitement while at the same time showing our students what good sportsmanship is all about. I can’t wait for the next home game!


Great News at Murphy

I just wanted to share some of the great things happening at Murphy over the last week. Here’s just some of the highlights:

  • Both the PTC and Building Council/PAC teams met this week and had very productive meetings. We had great turnouts for both and would love to see even more people for the next month’s meetings. Please contact me if you are interested. 
  • Constitution Day was this past Tuesday. Every student in the school had a lesson relating to the Constitution. We appreciate the Lions Club donation of pocket Constitutions for our 5th grade students!
  • MAPs testing is underway. These computer adaptive tests will allow teachers to tailor instruction to the individual needs of every student. 
  • Don’t forget about the PTC Movie Night tonight at 6pm!  If it rains, there are alternate plans to have the movie in the gym. Unfortunately I am going to be out of town all weekend and will not be able to attend. Mrs. Van Y will be there with our PTC parents to put on a great show though!
  • The car rider drop-off and pickup is running a little smoother at this point. I really appreciate all the parents willingness to follow the procedures to ensure a safe process. We will continue to adjust as needs become apparent. 

Have a great weekend! As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. or 538-2335. 


Car Rider Pickup 4.0

After many adjustments, modifications, and input from parents, we may have arrived at a process that is safer, but also somewhat timely.  Yesterday we had the car loop emptied by 3:12pm, which is probably about the best we can hope for on a daily basis considering the physical layout of the parking lot. There will be some days a minute or so quicker, but also expect some days a few minutes later. 

The process as it currently stands is to have all parents wishing to walk their child to the car should park in the FAR WEST end of the parking lot (in the last couple rows). This will allow the car loop to continue moving and prevents students from running in between moving cars in the loop. As SOON as buses start to leave the bus loop, parents may take their child and walk them to the car. This won’t alleviate the congestion when leaving the lot so everyone will appreciate the courtesy of letting cars cut in when necessary

We are working on a process to use in the case of inclement weather as well. Most likely, students will stay in the gym, we will radio to an adult at the door and they will call the students name in the gym and then they can come out.  Those still wishing to get out of their car and walk their child still can, but they will have to walk up to the gym door to get them. I’m anticipating more cars in the loop line on these days, so the process will be slower.  Although I know it’s not always possible, please try to allow a couple extra minutes in your schedule on days when it is raining or snowing. 

I once again invite parents to the Building Council/PAC meeting on Tuesday, September 17th at 8:45 am in the Murphy Media Center to discuss further improvements. We also have a full agenda of exciting, positive things to talk about so we encourage parents to take part in the meeting on a monthly basis so they can offer input into academics as well. 

Thank you once again for your patience and understanding as we modify the system. 

Thank you, 


Car Rider Pickup

As we continue to modify the car rider pickup line, I wanted to say I appreciate the input from parents. Moving forward, we will continue to adjust the process as needed. It is important to give any new modifications a few days before we abandon them.  As you continue to send me ideas, please remember the district wide policy that is in place that car riders will not be released until 3:05 (which is when the buses leave the bus loop). 

In the last two days, we were able to get all car riders in their cars and on their way by 3:15.  As we continue to adjust the process, I think it is a realistic goal to get car riders on the road by 3:10. 

The physical layout of the parking lot, combined with the fact there is only one entrance, makes any system difficult. Ultimately, our number one goal is a safe pickup procedure and unfortunately safety does not always align with convenience and efficiency. Consequently, we will continue to hold students from walking to cars with parents until the car line has cleared out. With this in mind, you are more than welcome to wait and walk your child to the car, but please wait until the students have been released to you and the cars in line have left. 

As with any change, there is a difficult period of adjustment. Please continue to send me ideas or set up an appointment to come and see me. Until then we will continue to modify the process to the best of our ability.  Thank you. 


First Week Review

What a fantastic first week at Murphy Elementary. It’s great to have students back filling the hallways. I enjoyed meeting many of the parents and students at “Meet the Teacher” and the kindergarten orientation. Just a couple quick notes…

  • Any parents interested in being on the Murphy Building Council (PAC) please contact your child’s teacher or contact me directly ( The Building Council is a way for parents to have valuable input in academics and the educational direction of the building and district. The only time commitment is to meet once a month and offer your opinions and feelings on improving the school.
  • Join us for the first ever PTC Movie Night on Friday, September 20th!
  • School Pictures are on September 17th.
  • The new district wide security policies go into full effect on Monday, Sept. 9th. One big change is that car riders will not be released until after the buses pull out of the loop. The second is that we are asking parents to please drop students off at the building entrance in the morning to help monitor traffic in the building. It will take some time to iron out the whole process, but eventually will result in a much safer school.
  • Finally, I can’t say enough great things about the parents at Murphy. It is a great thing to be able to come to a building and see parents who are actively involved in the school.

Have a great week!