Car Rider Pickup 4.0

After many adjustments, modifications, and input from parents, we may have arrived at a process that is safer, but also somewhat timely.  Yesterday we had the car loop emptied by 3:12pm, which is probably about the best we can hope for on a daily basis considering the physical layout of the parking lot. There will be some days a minute or so quicker, but also expect some days a few minutes later. 

The process as it currently stands is to have all parents wishing to walk their child to the car should park in the FAR WEST end of the parking lot (in the last couple rows). This will allow the car loop to continue moving and prevents students from running in between moving cars in the loop. As SOON as buses start to leave the bus loop, parents may take their child and walk them to the car. This won’t alleviate the congestion when leaving the lot so everyone will appreciate the courtesy of letting cars cut in when necessary

We are working on a process to use in the case of inclement weather as well. Most likely, students will stay in the gym, we will radio to an adult at the door and they will call the students name in the gym and then they can come out.  Those still wishing to get out of their car and walk their child still can, but they will have to walk up to the gym door to get them. I’m anticipating more cars in the loop line on these days, so the process will be slower.  Although I know it’s not always possible, please try to allow a couple extra minutes in your schedule on days when it is raining or snowing. 

I once again invite parents to the Building Council/PAC meeting on Tuesday, September 17th at 8:45 am in the Murphy Media Center to discuss further improvements. We also have a full agenda of exciting, positive things to talk about so we encourage parents to take part in the meeting on a monthly basis so they can offer input into academics as well. 

Thank you once again for your patience and understanding as we modify the system. 

Thank you, 


One thought on “Car Rider Pickup 4.0

  1. I just would like to say that I loved the new pick up system (loop line)! It is easy,fast and a safe way to pick up my son! Loved it!

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