Sound Science


Mrs. Pake’s 2nd grade having fun making Spooky Halloween sounds with two sound experiments brought to them by members of the Murphy Science Club.


Solar System Fashion Show?

Image Image Image  

That’s right. The first ever Murphy Solar System Fashion show in Miss Lawrence’s 5th grade classroom. Students created costumes ranging from the sun to the planets and strutted their stuff on the runway. Facts about their particular planet were relayed while they were on the runway while the crowd snapped pictures. No word yet on whether any of these “outfits” will make it to the retail stores, but keep your eye out! 



Student Response Systems


Two Murphy 5th graders using “clickers”.

I wanted to share some great use of technology I saw this morning in fifth grade. Mrs. Homer had her students using student response systems to respond to her morning math problems. Student response systems, or “clickers”, are a way for teachers to assess student learning as they go. Traditionally, teachers will ask for raised hands or call on students to gauge understanding of the lesson. Technology now allows us to see where the general understanding of the class is. Each student responds on the clicker and a class percentage will be displayed on the screen. Students can not see if other individual students got the question right or wrong, but the teacher can judge if the students have the concept, or she needs to spend more time on it. It’s fast, efficient, fun for the kids, and also encourages everyone’s participation. 

Murphy Objectives



At Murphy, as well as the district as a whole, we strongly believe that students should know what they are learning and why they are learning it. Research shows posting objectives in the classroom that are visible to all to see and are written in student friendly language will increase learning. The teachers have been putting a great effort into ensuring this happens. These are just a few examples, but if you walk into any classroom in the school you will see objectives posted in the room telling students what they will be learning on that day and why they will be learning it. 

Grounds-keeping at Murphy



A huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped out this past Saturday morning to tidy up the Murphy campus. We were able to trim back bushes, pull weeds, and lay some mulch down on the playground. The Steensma family, Mrs. Sanchez, Mrs. Boutell, Mr. Johnston,  Mr. Pritchett, and others were able to join Mrs. Van Y and myself and donate their time and supplies. It is very much appreciated. The grounds look great!

Hadley Fire Dept. Visits Murphy


Murphy was lucky enough to have the Hadley Fire Department stop by the last couple days to show our lower elementary students a few things about fire safety. Students were able to shoot water from the fire hose and got to check out all the bells and whistles on the fire truck.  A big thanks to the Hadley Fire Department for volunteering their time and donating fire hats and other cool things for the kids!