Student of the Month Winners!


Kindergarten – Samantha Parker

1st Grade – Kathryn Droz & Amber Kenny

2nd Grade – Fiona Betzold & Joseph Voss

3rd Grade – Allyson McNulty, Andrew Campbell, & Michael Davis

4th Grade – Melissa Herrera, Morgan Lange, & Colin Preston

5th Grade – Madelyn Campbell, Jacob Ranney, & Keegan Garwolds

Snow Much Fun!

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The recent storm left a lot of snow in Murphy’s parking lot. The plow drivers did a great job of moving it out out of the way, but we’re left with the unavoidable snowbanks. An already small parking lot becomes smaller and the entrance is just that much harder to see out of when leaving. We have done our best to knock the snowbanks down at the exit, but we appreciate everyone’s extra patience in the slight delay the snow may cause at drop-off and pick-up.

Winter has also brought colder temperatures. The policy at the school is that students will go outside for recess as long as the windchill is above 0 degrees. Please make sure students are dressed warmly for their outdoor recess. Thank you!