Meet Officer Setter

Officer Setter

We’re lucky enough at Murphy to receive frequent visits from Officer Setter of the Metamora Police department. He usually stops in a couple times a week to walk the halls, say “hi” to the students, and take a stroll on the playground. Throughout the year he will even do some safety lessons in the classrooms. So if you see a police car in the parking lot, chances are VERY good it’s just Officer Setter stopping in to say hello and make sure everything is safe.

Murphy Introduces new B.O.L.T.S. Program

HallwayBOLTS Matrix
Welcome back everyone! Here at Murphy we’ve adopted a new Positive Behavior Inverventions Support model called our BOLTS program. This aligns not only with our new “Murphy Lightning” name, but our belief in positive support for our students that teaches expectations like a subject. BOLTS stands for:


This model will involve rewards based on displays of BOLTS behavior throughout the school and positive supports for students struggling in any of these areas.